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Oakwood Property Owners Association has many great amenities available for owners. 

Reference the most recent General Rules, Information, Regulations and Fines (PDF).


All access codes and instructions can be requested through the office

Oakwood Pool


Opens Memorial Day weekend

Closes after Labor Day weekend

10:00 am - 9:00pm

Gate code required. Contact office.

No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. 

Pool rules 

Pickle ball

Pickle ball equipment is available in a lock box at the courts. Contact office for code. 

Please no wheels on the court (skateboards, bikes, roller skates, etc). They will ruin the court.

Oakwood Pickleball
Oakwood Fishing Pier

Fishing Pier

The fishing pier is a great place to sit back and relax with a pole. Be cautious of hooks if swimming near pier. 

No jumping is allowed from the pier. 

No long-term boat docking.

There is a gate available for unloading and loading boats. 

Boat Ramp

There is a boat ramp available for Oakwood owners to use for an additional yearly fee. You will receive a sticker to be placed on your boat trailer.


Contact the office to pay and receive the gate code.

There is no trailer parking at the boat ramp. 

Oakwood Boat Ramp
Oakwood Boat Slips

Boat Slips

Oakwood has a limited number of boat slips available for lease by property owners. 

Contact the office for more details on how to lease. 

Only boat slip lessee and accompanied visitors are allowed beyond the locked boat slip gates. 


The Oakwood Clubhouse is a great place to host your next gathering. There is a full kitchen, large screen TV, WiFI, concrete back patio with picnic tables and bathrooms. Chairs and tables are available and can be setup at your request. 

Clubhouse parking is for members and their guests only during use of the amenities. General purpose and overnight clubhouse parking is not allowed. Please do not drive beyond the paved parking surface into the grass.

If you're planning an event at the clubhouse, we encourage you to reserve in advance as much as possible. Contact the office to book.


Cleaning deposit required and may be refunded after inspection. 

Oakwood Burn Pit

Burn Pit

Oakwood has a burn pit available for owners to dump yard clippings like brush and wood free of metals. 


Access is restricted to owners only, no contractors.

The burn pit is subject to closing due to burn bans and capacity. Burn Pit Rules

Contact the office for access. 

RV and Camping

Oakwood owners and approved guests have a dedicated space for RV and site camping with electrical and water connections, sanitation dump station and freestanding bathrooms with showers. 

Contact the office to gain approval, book dates and pay daily fee. 

Oakwood RV and Camping
Oakwood Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Oakwood has a fitness center located behind the office for owner use. 

Contact the office for door code. 


Oakwood owners have graciously donated numerous books throughout the years to create a nice library for owners to borrow from. The library is located within the Oakwood office and is open during normal office hours. 

Shelves are currently full, no new donations at this time.

Oakwood Library
Oakwood Storage Lots


Oakwood provides locked storage areas for trailers, RVs, water craft and other property that is not permitted to be parked at residences long-term.


All items must be registered with the property owners association. You will be assigned a lot number. Oakwood Property Owners Association is not liable for theft or damages. Security cameras are present.

Please do not feed the feral cats. It is a violation of the Oakwood Property Owners Association rules. You will be fined, can be held liable for damages they cause and lose privileges of Oakwood amenities. 



Oakwood has numerous dumpsters for personal owner use. The dumpsters are picked up weekly. 

There are restrictions on what is accepted, please do NOT dump the following in or around the dumpsters: ​

  • Tires

  • Large Items such as Mattresses, Appliances, Furniture 

  • Electronics (smart phones, televisions, radios, computers, etc)

  • Toxic or Hazardous Liquids  (paints, oils, gas, pesticides, acids, etc, including in aerosol cans)

  • Batteries

  • Light bulbs other than incandescent bulbs

You can donate or dispose of these above items yourself at the appropriate facilities like Athens Thrift Store (1419 E Tyler St.) or LaRue Waste Convenience Station (9769 CR 4719)

Please do not feed the feral cats. It is a violation of the Oakwood Property Owners Association rules. You will be fined, can be held liable for damages they cause and lose privileges of Oakwood amenities. 

There are security cameras present.

Oakwood Trash
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